Stac-Trac is the world’s first on wall storage solution that has the ability to transform with your needs.

The Stac-Trac Product

Stac-Trac will store your active life on a platform that is adjustable; bikes can be low in the summer and ski’s and snowboards up high. Then, simply reverse the lay out when winter arrives! If you want to add a new sport to your Trac, everything can be switched to accommodate this with a simple pull of a pin. The Stac-Trac system was built to show case your leisure activity, a design that could fit into your living space that looks amazing! Using high grade materials like aluminum and composite, the system is built to last a life time and will hold up to all types of environments.

Display Light to Highlight your Gear
Interchangeable Addons for Multiple Activities and Sports
High Grade Aluminum and Composite Materials
A Little Of Our Story

The team at Stac-Trac

We intend to keep building and adding new products that will attach to this flexible platform. This will allow our clients to keep growing with the Stac-Trac brand- from biking, boarding, skiing and hockey we will have a solution that fits your active lifestyle! Start with one Stac-Trac today and get the most from our innovative design and flexible storage solutions from Stac-Trac!

Addons for you

Showcase your favorite pastime with Stac-Trac

  • Skiing
  • Surfing
  • Hockey
  • Biking
  • Golfing
  • Snowboarding
  • Windsurfing
  • and MORE!!
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  • KIT – Double Board STAC + 4ft TRAC + LED Light Kit

  • STAC – Bike Tune

  • STAC – Wake/Surf and Snowboard Horizontal

  • KIT – Double Board STAC + 8ft TRAC + LED Light Kit

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Install Services

We have set up TV Tech Express as an Authorized dealer and Installation service for Stac-Trac. Book them today!